Laura Returns to The Daily Mail

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Ten years ago, at the age of eleven, Laura became the youngest contributor to write to Bel Mooney’s column at The Daily Mail. Writing at a particularly difficult time, Laura was writing for personal advice. In response, Bel gave it privately:

‘Remember all doors lead to new awareness — which is why the things which hurt can make us wise… When you are my age… I hope you will remember that one day somebody said to you: Laura, you really and truly are in control of your life, even when the opposite seems true. You must have that at the front of your mind. You have so far to go. So go for it — every hour you are lucky enough to be alive’.

Laura and Bel have stayed in touch ever since.

This year, in an update to her readers, Bel has featured Laura in her column again. She kindly gave an overview of Laura’s writing career to date and wished her well for the future.

Writing on Twitter, Laura expressed her gratitude to Bel for her sound advice. The two are hoping to meet in the coming months.