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Favourite journals from the past twelve months. A few new joys, a few old familiars and one that will never be seen again. If only we read as much as we wrote.

Thanks @WhiskeyIsle, @AcumenPoetry, @_FoxtrotUniform, @poetry_smoke and @TPPZine for all your hard work. Keep going.

This divot is pathetic, obviously, but what really boils his piss is the knowledge that @jessphillips & millions of other women see him for exactly what he is.
And he hates what he is even more than he hates women.
All the rape ‘jokes’ in the world won’t change that. https://t.co/LXVzjCeZYq

'The tune of an ice cream truck winds through the streets, steadily tinkering on...'

Found in @RattleMag today. I think we'll hear more from young Emmy Song.

I have decided not to apologise for self-promotion or congratulation any more, but I can’t quite let go of saying that I am not going to apologise. Anyway, my little North Sea grey book gets a really lovely review in the latest issue of The Poetry Review

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