Brum Radio, Birmingham

Sunday 20th September, 1.30pm

The Harold Massingham Festival, Mexborough

Sunday 25th October, 7.30pm


Good morning. My broken porchlight stammers to life, reliving the memory of last night. I'll let it dance for the rest of the day, throwing its solitary party.
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@HenryRothwell: 'Landscape, Gloucestershire', Stanley Spencer, oil on canvas, 1940.
I first posted this image in June - things are distinctly more orange now, with wild cherry trees leading the way.
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@seanehewitt: a nightjar. It was night which throws / her voice inside a bird. [...]
Those wound, wounded voices were thrown / into me. [...]
I have cried my eyes into myself.
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@jenny_danes: As a maths-averse person I have a grand total of two spreadsheets: one for poetry submissions, one for job applications. Is it too pass agg to create one about lending books to people? Like god forbid it's been 6 weeks and I highlight your row in red