Fire & Dust, Coventry

Thursday 3rd December, 7.30pm

Read to Write, Doncaster

Tuesday 19th January, 7pm


Listening to this lovely podcast from @BBCRadio4 about the way trees sing on the wind.
Sunday morning. The chimneys on the street are singing again, their ribbons of silk on the sky. November ends with quiet joys like this, like being alive.
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@naushsabah: Also, quite nice to have journal I started sharing half a page in the TLS alongside journal Ted Hughes started. Just saying. Quite nice.
This time last year I was in Bruges, drinking wine with my mum in The Market Square. How far the days of freedom seem.
A pale day. I woke early, held by the black charm of the dark at the window. The milkman jingled away on his rounds. His night music drifted across the street, the silversmith of morning.
Photography by James Hudson