Laura To Write For The International Anthony Burgess Foundation

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Each year, No Dice Collective – a classical music ensemble based in Manchester – commission a group of writers and musicians to collaborate on a words and music project. This year, No Dice will be working with The Writing Squad and The International Anthony Burgess Foundation in the city centre to spotlight Burgess and the things he left behind.

Inspired the Burgess library and archive, the commission will explore the life and times of the writer from his childhood to his death. From his first photograph to his death mask, his tarot card collection to his house keys, the archive houses the largest collection of Burgess’ private library and personal belongings. Established in 2003 by his wife Liana, the Foundation is open to everyone who is interested in Burgess’s work.

This year, Laura has been commissioned by No Dice Collective to write for The International Anthony Burgess Foundation. Working with Guidhall composer Mark Bowler, she will create a new piece of poetry for this year’s project.

Drawing on the earliest-known photograph of Burgess, Mark and Laura will take a look back on his childhood running through the back gardens of Manchester.

The words and music showcase, entitled The Things He Left Behind, will take place on Saturday 7th December at The International Anthony Burgess Foundation. If you would like to come along and see the show, booking is available on the No Dice website here: