National Poetry Day at BBC Radio Leeds

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To celebrate National Poetry Day this year, Laura has appeared live on BBC Radio Leeds.

In an interview with Richard Stead on The Breakfast Show, Laura spoke of poetry as a social and communal medium which can bring communities together. Speaking on the programme, she said: ‘For all its quiet and contemplative moments, writing is, really, a communal endeavour. It has the ability to reach millions of people in millions of voices’.

When asked whether writing poetry was an elitist affair, Laura said: ‘Not at all. There are many different kinds of poetry. The mistake is to think we should all write like Wordsworth. Centuries have passed since then. Our language has changed. We each have our own idiolects, our slang, our dialects. Each one is a bridge to the world’.

Finally, Laura recommended Liz Berry’s ‘Black Country’ and Sarah Corbett’s ‘A Perfect Mirror’ to her listeners.